Tools & Equipment

The best. That is what we provide. Our tire changer and balancer are European and globally #1 in the world. Our tire changer has multiple helper arms to handle the toughest of low-profile runflat tires as well as 14- and 16-ply medium-duty tires common on RV’s and 550/650 series work trucks. We install an easy-to-service air compressor and over 20 gallons of air capacity to run a ½” air line and 1” impact gun. All of these are critical in servicing the wide variety of industries such as landscape and delivery that is the backbone of this business model. Next, we offer precision balance tools rarely found in traditional tire stores or other mobile tire services, giving you the competitive edge to draw high-end clients to you that are willing to pay the price to have this level of service and attention to detail. Lastly, we provide a complete hand tool package with practically every tool that you may need and some that you will never need (until you need it). You are well prepared to tackle almost any challenge.

Download a catalog of our tools here.