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You need clear vision and a guide to set you up for success. Scott Blair’s proven business model and knowing your Why will set you apart from all of the rest. Decide for yourself to make the phone call that will change your life.

Vehicle Selection & Set-Up

Don’t be fooled by startups who offer small inefficient platforms. You need the biggest work van that you can get. The Mercedes Sprinter 3500 170” EXT is the king of the hill and our design takes advantage of every inch of space.

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Training & Business Development

This is the most intense tire and wheel training on the planet. In addition to TIA ATS Certified training, Scott Blair literally wrote his own book for custom wheel and tire fitment. He even owns the patent on the first ever custom wheel fitment tool. Add this to 27+ years of experience and you can understand why he is sought after. Don’t risk your life savings on a startup, go with a proven system and someone with deep connections to launch your new career.

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Tools & Equipment (Packages)

Lives depend on your mobile tire service and you depend on tools to get the job done. Your new van will come complete with the most advanced tools and technology available in the world. You will have every tool that you will ever need and some that you will never need — until the day you need them.

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Website & Marketing

The best products and services won’t do you any good if no one can find you. We have a dedicated team that can provide a website template that you choose, industry eCommerce integration, digital assets, branding, logo development and targeted direct mail programs custom tailored to your market.

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Financial & Insurance Information

Many of our clients need to finance most of their startup costs such as the van, upfit and specialty tools. We have upfitters with in-house financing, Mercedes-Benz Financing or third party financing that allows our clients to get the best possible options. We helped write our insurance policy with our carrier to cover the van, contents, garage keepers and loss of use all in one policy*.

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*Not available in every state.

If this represents who you are and where you’re at in your life journey, then spend time consuming the knowledge and experience of what Scott Blair can offer and get ready to be amazed at the detail of information that he provides to make sound decisions as well as give you the best chance at building a successful and scalable business.