Financial & Insurance Information


Among our many services is the connection with top insurance companies to help protect your new business. Since mobile tire service is still relatively new, most traditional insurance companies will not write a policy, or if they do, it is not comprehensive and can be quite costly. Being a leader in the mobile tire industry, we were one of the first to go into the market and work directly with an insurance company to write a policy needed to cover all aspects of this specific business. In some cases, depending on our clients’ previous experience in automotive repair, we can get vehicle comp/collision, garage keepers and loss of use insurance all rolled into one policy. For our clients who come from other industries to start their new business, we have options that will help them get the coverage that they need to launch their business without having to search far and wide.

Financial Services

It is important to manage cash flow for a startup business. As such, we have multiple finance companies that can work with you to finance the van, the upfit and many of the specialty tools. This spreads the payments out over several years, which allows you to build your business with a manageable monthly overhead that can be forecast into a proforma financial budget. We provide a template for this budget to our clients so that they can make their own assumptions and determine their own payoff strategy. This valuable exercise helps our clients to truly understand the complexity of running their own business. Following our proven business model gives our clients the best chance of success.

Accounting Services/POS

Most of our clients do not have accounting backgrounds. As such, they need help setting up their bookkeeping system as well as learning how to input vendor invoices, track inventory, run financial reports, take inventory, and set up tax rates, among other needed items. This can be a daunting task, so we offer in-house support. Our expert can help you to understand how to start off on the right foot so that you don’t have to clean up a mess next year. From Point-Of-Sale to accounting integration to running payroll tax reports, we can do it all for a startup fee and reasonable monthly fees. This allows you to focus on growing your business and getting ready to scale using our operations and procedures manual as a guideline.