Training & Business Development


For almost three decades, Scott Blair has been providing owners, salespeople and technicians with advanced tire and custom wheel training. As a Tire Industry Association Certified ATS (Automotive) Instructor, he has been instrumental in helping to save lives by sharing his vast knowledge of not just tires and wheels, but integrated systems such as chassis and brakes as it all comprises a complete system that works together. Throughout the US, there has never been a complete facility that provides this level of training and certification all in one place. Until now.

The T.R.A.C.K. Center is a 20-year dream that is now a reality and the world is ready to embrace a level of professionalism and excellence in service that it has been longing for. Using the same equipment that resides in our mobile tire vans, our new clients can come to our facility and get hands-on training that closely resembles the real world that they will encounter after launching their new business. All aspects of dismounting, mounting, balancing, flat repair, tire pressure systems and custom wheel fitment will be included in this week-long class. Check here for available class times. If you can’t get to Scott, he also provides his clients with onsite training along with the Business Development when they receive their new mobile tire van. Plan on 9-10 days of intense training and guidance to get your new business kick-started in the right direction!

Business Development

Having technical knowledge is imperative, but it will not make you successful. In addition to this high level of training, Scott Blair provides onsite business development services right in your market. Using his vast knowledge and experience in deploying mobile tire vans in major as well as rural markets, Scott has shown that this business model will thrive in each market and most any economic condition.

Starting before your van is even delivered, we will analyze your market and provide several events to attend and organizations to join that will help foster your new business right out of the gate. These are techniques honed while going through the 2007-2009 economic crisis and BP oil spill. They will help you to build a loyal customer base that will provide for you and your family. Furthermore, you can make a comfortable living with just one van or scale to provide an above-average income.

Included in the business development is helping to set up your vendors, looking for opportunities to service national accounts that we have relationships with, working on the van and showing how to service different types of vehicles. You will learn how to run your business using software for scheduling, POS, vehicle data acquisition, workflow tracking, maintaining customer and prospect contacts, accounting and website/social media contacts. We also help with connecting to the insurance carrier needed to cover this specific industry that can roll all aspects into one policy. There are a number of state and federal programs that we will connect you with that can help you to build your business plan and proforma financials so that you can set projections for cash flow. We provide templates for each of these that cut the time needed to build from scratch down from 6 months to just a few weeks. In addition to the live training and business development, you will become part of a family of mobile tire service owners throughout North America that act as a support group as well as a huge resource when needing to find products or needing a solution for tackling a difficult job.