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No. We help our clients to build their own brand based on our successful business model. We offer ongoing training and business development services on an as needed basis. No monthly fees or dues.

The van, upfit, equipment, tools, training and business development typically ranges from $155,000 – $165,000.

You will need $35,000+ to get the business launched.

We typically can get through the process in 6-8 weeks. COVID19 has impacted various suppliers, so delivery times are typical, but not guaranteed.

Absolutely not. You have direct access to Scott Blair and a growing team of like-minded business owners who can share knowledge, tech tips and supplier updates to help you manage information that can help

Yes. In fact, you want to have a trademark search done before you invest in any marketing materials or logo design. Also, compare your name to others that may sound like yours and decide whether it will cause confusion in the market or cause potential lawsuits if someone else owns a name similar. We have a Patent/Trademark attorney in our local market that can guide you through this process.

No. My business partner was an aviation mechanic and didn’t know anything about the industry. He now has 3 vans and is operating in the Phoenix, AZ area.

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